Digital printing for small runs.

Print only what you need. Nature will benefit.

Digital printing for small runs.

While it is true that many years ago clients were willing (or induced) to stock up in order to pay a lower unit price for printed material, priorities today are completely different.
The market has become more frenetic and favours new ideas, requiring very fast solutions and the ability to change without making a great investment of time and money.
Digital printing makes it possible to give the market what it wants because these new types of printing, with only a slightly higher unit cost, really do enable us to print only what is needed, so that you do not have to keep boxes full of price lists in a corner perhaps for as long as three years.
LitoBM has selected two partner companies which are leaders in digital printing in order to be able to satisfy the increasing demand for materials produced using this technology.
Today, printing 100 business cards for a new agent or 200 leaflets for an event are no longer a problem, or 50 posters to distribute in sales outlets perhaps even with different headings and at an extremely reasonable price.

We are proud of having foreseen the needs of the market as this service is much appreciated by the clientele, it is also excellent for pre-production sampling.

Today it is possible to print and die cut your new box so you can show it to agents and clients and get an idea of the level of satisfaction before industrial production starts.

So don’t hesitate to ask us for a quotation for your printed materials, the minimum number now can be as low  as two figures!

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