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The internal paper-making department.

Quality and time under control.

The internal paper-making department.

The products manufactured in our paper-making departments satisfy the packaging needs of even the most demanding market thanks to solutions that have great visual impact and versatility.
Our staff has a great deal of experience and knowledge of the techniques that, together with our modern avant-garde equipment, make our company the ideal partner for producing quality packaging from the viewpoints of structure and aesthetics.
With the machinery we have available we are able to follow a project through from the initial sketch to the finished product practically without the product leaving the company.
Every day we work towards optimisation of the processes and equipment, to reduce the possibility of error and shorten production times.

It is for this reason that an increasing number of clients place their trust in us every year.

The lifecycle of a carton starts with design, which takes place at a theoretical stage and involves the design of its lines and determination of the preferred materials and shapes on the basis of the product it will contain, the type of use, type of distribution and so on.
More specifically, the base materials available are white-grey rigid cardboard or kraft retro cardboard and laminated cardboard with micro-corrugation / low corrugation / three-ply.
The next stage is to select the most suitable equipment for producing the products and application of decoration techniques, the so-called finishing processes. The most appreciated are for example UV painting and glossy or matt acrylic painting.
After choosing the type of packaging (linear or crashlock boxes) and the formats (personalised with the creation of a new die or using existing dies), the paper-making department proper comes into action where the main processes required are:

  • Die cutting (which gives form to the finished product);
  • Window patching (a small transparent plastic window applied so that the product inside is visible);
  • Gluing (for crashlock or automatic bottom boxes).

The finished product is then carefully packed and placed on pallets, separating the boxes by reference and attaching a list of pieces for fast easy checking once the shipment arrives in the clients’ warehouses.
So if you are looking for a manufacturer of boxes, cartons or displays for the production of your packaging which has to contain seeds, roses, compost or other products, we think we meet all the requirements for you to say: “Yes, I’ve found the right company”.

Trust us and call 0547-632663 or go to the Info and Estimates section to request a personalised estimate now.

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