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More than 150,000 photos await you covering subjects related to Nature: vegetable, flowers, fruit and everything you might need to improve your company’s printed material.
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Labels and cards in various formats and materials for plants.

Personalised printing of your labels for plants, fruits, flowers or vegetables.

Labels and cards in various formats and materials for plants.

Labels for plants, whether they are for ornamental bushes, roses, fruit or flowers, are one of the most effective tools for sales. The possibility of being able to print on a surface that is sufficiently large to attract customers (keeping an eye on how it affects the selling price) makes labels ideal for conveying promotional messages and for showing the finished product, often in real life size.
Labels summarise all the characteristics of a product in just a few lines; they must first attract and intrigue, then inform and finally induce to buy. Much is therefore required of labels. Unlike catalogues and brochures, labels contain an advertising message which must be convincing and decisive, all concentrated in just a few centimetres. The text and graphic parts must be balanced; one must not suffocate the other and vice versa.

Our efforts are directed at finding partners, suppliers and solutions, which enable us to offer our clientele products with a great potential for personalisation, even in small runs, at the best price, all with a photographic archive which makes it possible to obtain the best pictures offered today in the European market. The client chooses the photos and gives us some indications regarding varieties, especially uncommon species, then we advise on suitable material and we prepare the graphics (on standard forms or “exclusive” forms for a particular client).
Once the go-ahead has been received we start production of the entire collection.

Some of the label types available.

  • Labels for hanging (or tags):
  • Material: PVC, Polystyrene or Polypropylene, in various thicknesses;
  • Optional processes: die cutting, perforating, elastication;
  • Adhesive labels (with bleed or die cut);
  • Adhesive strips for plastic or polystyrol boxes:
  • Material: polypropylene, resistant to tearing, UV  and humidity;
  • Spools or rolls of adhesive labels.
    Designed for mechanical or manual application.
  • Material: paper or polypropylene;
  • Neutral or personalised.

From the inception of your idea to produce personalised labels to having them actually on your plants, only  40 days could suffice.
Do not hesitate to contact us and give us a chance to prove our worth.

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