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Heat-sealed packets for seeds.

Strength and better conservation of your seeds.

Heat-sealed packets for seeds.

In the production of heat-sealed packets for seeds we are able to give the best thanks to our 40 years of experience gained in the graphic arts sector.
Heat-sealed packets (PE, paper-polythene of grammage 130 gr/m2) are a relatively new idea which has met with considerable success. Compared to traditional packets, heat-sealed packets keep the product in an impermeable material for better conservation, protecting the seeds from external agents and especially humidity; what is more, these packets do not have glued flaps and this is why they are more pleasing also from the visual marketing aspect.

Something not to forget: with heat-sealed packets a double packet is not necessary, at least so far as the requirements of conservation are concerned.

This particular type of packet is printed on the so-called “poly-coated paper”, which is a glossy paper base coated with a layer of polythene (normally in a ratio of 110 gr/m2 paper to 20 gr/m2 polythene) which melts at the high temperature of the sealing bars on the packing machine and seals the packets along the side.
The aluminium variant of the base (ALU, paper-aluminium-polythene 149 gr/m2) is required mainly for packaging special seeds, such as high value hybrids intended mostly for professional use.
In fact the double layer provides a perfect barrier protecting the contents from the sun’s rays and maintaining the internal level of humidity.
It is precisely for this reason that some Clients use it to confer a higher added value also in their hobby lines, especially those at the top end of the market.

Technical data of the heat-seal packets.

Formats: minimum 8x14 cm, maximum 16x25 cm
Printing: four or five colours
Optional finish: UV paint
With or without European hole

If you intend to produce a collection of heat-sealed packets with your own personalised graphics, combined with the photos from our photographic archive, ask for a free consultation clicking here.

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